Transfer Contacts from Sony Ericsson to iPhone on Mac

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I was about to manually transfer my contact from my old Sony Ericsson W810i to iPhone when I came across this easy steps to sync all my contacts to iPhone, within a minute.

First of all, you will have to download Sony Ericsson Sync Plugin for iSync. Since my SE W810i has been phased out for long, I’m using the W910i download page instead. The plugin works the same by the way.

After you’ve downloaded it, install it and load up your iSync under: Applications > iSync

Connect your Sony Ericsson phone to your Mac, browse to Devices > Add Device to add your device, and you should see your phone as shown below:

Double click on your phone and you should see the details as shown below.

Click on Sync Device button and your contacts should be sync to your Mac now.

Next, connect your iPhone to you Mac, opens iTunes and select Info tab and check Sync Address Book Contacts checkbox. In my case, I checked the All contacts radio button to sync all my contacts over.

Hit on the familiar Sync button and all your contacts will be in your iPhone now.

Let me know if it works for your, or not.

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  • Thanks for this. For anyone having trouble, here’s what I eventually got to work. This uses Outlook, so you’ll need to set that up, if you haven’t already. Download the Sony Ericsson PC Suite, if you don’t already have that on your computer. Sync your contacts to your computer by opening Sony Ericsson PC Suite, click on Tools, click on Synchronization. Click on Contacts. Outlook will appear in the list next to My Computer/PC, if you have that set up. Click Start Sync and all your phone contacts will be entered into Outlook. Unplug Sony Ericsson phone from computer’s USB port and plug in iPhone. Open iTunes with your new iPhone plugged in. (Also works with the Cloud.) Click on Devices. Click on Info. The top item is sync contacts. Check that box. Select Outlook from the list. Start sync and voila, all your contacts are on your phone. (Just FYI, I tried Phonecopy, and that didn’t work with my Sony Ericsson c905a.) Hope this helps!

  • thanks

  • never mind! i got it! i think my phone was misnamed or something but i figured it out! Thank you so much!

  • I have a sony ericsson w518a. is there any program that i could get to sync it with my macbook pro? I checked the sony ericsson website but i didn’t find a program like the one you found for your w810. :/ thanks for the help!

  • Thank you so much! You are a lifesaver!
    I was going to dump my iPhone for being a dumb machine incapable of civilised communication via Bluetooth.

  • good.. thanks…

  • Didn’t work for me !!!- the phone was not supported by Isync

  • this saved my day, thanks!

  • Lets just say – my IPHONE4 was completed in 3 mins
    - All contact info/ dates

    ITUNES then sync all your computer info – email/ music

    just AWESOME

  • glad it helps you guys out there :) enjoy your iPhone!

  • absolutely brilliant

  • Thanks very much, saved a lot of time.

  • Thank you a superlot!!!!!! Your are the hero of the day!

  • Thank you very much! Worked perfectly.

  • Great! It worked perfectly, smooth transition, thanks

  • I am using for syncing my SonyEricsson and free Phonecopy for iPhone App to sync my new iPhone. Works fine. INstructions are on George

  • Fantastic – saved me alot of time & effort! Thanks so much for this info

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