Malaysia Passport Renewal in Singapore

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I have just renewed my soon-to-expire Malaysia passport at Malaysia Highcommision in Singapore, and I thought it would be beneficial to share the process here.

Do note that the information below is applicable as of 26 Oct 2010.

For most updated details, you may always refer to High Commission of Malaysia in Singapore site.


The whole passport renewal process can no longer be completed in one day. The below flow is effective starting 1st June 2012.

  • Day 1: obtain queue number (at counter 11), and wait to submit form and required documents, and make payments
  • A week after: passport collection (depending on the pending renewal applications)

Thanks for the updates from those who shared their recent experience below!

Getting Ready

You will need the following, both original copy and photocopy:

  • 1. Existing Passport
  • 2. Singapore NRIC
  • 3. Malaysia IC (only new biometric type is accepted)

On top of that, you will also need to bring SGD$124 cash (or depending on the conversion rate on that day for RM300), and 2 pieces of 35mmx50mm passport size photo with dark blue background (you can take the photo in Malaysia Highcomm but that will waste you one round of queue waiting). Photocopy service is also available there if you couldn’t get your documents photocopied before hand. The queue is relatively short as compared to photo booth.

A lot of people are suggesting to duly complete Form IM.42 but frankly, you don’t have to. You will be given the form free of charge at guard house when you exchange your visitor pass. It’s printed RM1.00 on it, but I did not need to pay anything.

Some says (even the Malaysia Highcomm page is saying) that you will need Registration of Malaysian Citizens in Singapore form, but I did not prepare it and was not asked for it.

Getting There

You may find the Malaysia Highcommision location as shown below:

You may opt to take taxi/cab to avoid any hassles, or you may take any of these bus service: 14, 65, 32, 139 & 970.

Becareful that the Google Map may be slightly confusing. If you are taking bus and alighting in front of SPC station, you may want to walk into Jervois Rd from Metico Centre direction and walk up. I personally walked up Nathan Road and made one big round.

You may also find the following Google Street View useful. What you are seeing here is the guard post where you can exchange your visitor pass.
View Larger Map

And that small gate you see below is the entrance after you exchanged your visitor pass.

Yes, that small tiny gate :)
View Larger Map

Proper Flow

As mentioned earlier, once you reached you should go straight to the guard house to exchange for visitor pass. Use any of your photo ID card except your Singapore NRIC and Malaysia IC as you will need them both in the building. In my case, I used my driving license.

If you are going on weekdays, I would recommend you to arrive at around 7:45AM, not too early and not too late. I was the 30th+ in the queue when I reached, and could have been a lot more faster (as mentioned earlier) if I had my passport photos ready.

The building will be open for entrance around 7:30AM for photo taking and all, and you can start to queue up for queue number at around 8:10AM. Once you’ve got your queue number, sit down and wait for your turn.

The process is rather simple, they will call your number, you will pass them all the documents prepared, they will ask you to press both your thumbs onto finger print reader, print a manual ink thumbprint on the form, pay the fee and you’re done.

Do note that at this point you will not be given any receipt for the cash you paid. What you have with you is a collection slip with a unique number on it.

Passport Collection

You may collect your passport on the same day in the afternoon.

Although it says that they will be opened at 2:30PM, be there early at about 1:45PM (I reached around 1:30PM and was 17th in the queue).

Go to the guard house, exchange for a passport collection pass, and wait for the door to open. The queue number is the number written on your pass tag.

The collection is rather fast, where each person in the queue will only take around 3-5 minutes. The door will be open at around 2:00PM and they will start distributing the passport at around 2:10PM.

The timing will depend on whether it’s weekdays or weekends, and whether it is peak period (ie. approaching school holidays where everyone realised that their passport has got less than 6 months validity). All above timing are based on my experience on 26th October 2010.

Re-entry Permit Transfer

Last but not least, if you are a Permanent Resident in Singapore, do not forget to transfer your re-entry permit at Electronic Re-Entry Permit (e-REP). Some of you may also find the lengthy e-REP User Manual useful.

Hope some, if not most of you, find the quick guide helpful :)

Additional Info / Tips

1. When filling in the form, your current address should be Singapore address (no Malaysia address is allowed or you have to refill your form). (Thanks David for this tips!)

2. Paste both photos on the form, one in front (box provided) and one at the back (box not provided, but in the right hand column, at the top). You may refer to instructions in samples pasted on the board which you will see straight in front after entering. (Thanks David for this tips!)

3. For form and documents submission, you have to queue for your queue number and not based on your pass number. The queue number will be based on our pass number only for passport collection. (Thanks David for this tips!)

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  • I am currently waiting for Singapore PR result. My Malaysian passport is expiring in October so I want to renew now. Question: Will this affect my PR application? What is the procedure with regards to my PR application after renewing my Malaysian passport?

  • May I know Malaysia High Comm is opening for Weekends too?

  • Hi, just went to Malaysia High Comm this morning to get my passport renewed. Collection date is 3 Oct. Is they will keep our passport? Cos when I was leaving the High Commission, then to find they are not give back my passport.

  • Hello, thought of sharing this. Just went to Malaysia High Comm this morning to get my passport renewed. First day can actually get queue number at counter 11 and wait for submission of documents. Thereafter, collection is one week later.

    Looking at the High Comm website, the 3 days as mentioned above will only happen if there is a ‘compter system glitch’, whereby appointments will be given on another day.

    Another thing to note is that for the Malaysian IC, it needs to be the new type one (the biometric type). One poor soul was still using the old type and got rejected.

  • Which is the nearest passport renewal office from JB custom?
    Can I pay with Visa?

    Going to renew my passport tomorrow.
    Yet, decided to do it in JB after reading Danial’s post.
    The guards were rude and unfriendly at the High Commission.
    And no, I’m not going to wait 1.5 weeks to get my passport…

    Thank you for this post and all the valuable contribution!

  • It is useful to write your handphone number at the bottom of IM42 form. In my case, the officer has forgotten to ask for my thumb print. As I was leaving the High Commission, the officer called me on my mobile and I was able to come back to have the thumb print done. Otherwise, I can imagine, there will be delay in my passport processing…..

  • Just went to renew my passport today, everything went well except the mother freakin payment: (It was $124, so I had $150), passed to the lady and she said, sorry – EXACT amount only. What???!!! So I went to a few officers and they all do not have change. WTF!! I mean, come on!! Why can’t they be bothered to get some change for people, and it is about time they have NETS/Credit card machine!! So I walked (While cursing) all the way to the Petrol station nearby (Bout 5 – 7 mins walk) and got some change. I mean, really…. seriously….. Why in the world would they not be bothered to have some change or have a nets/credit card machine or something!!! anyway :) a gentle reminder so you don’t end up like me being pissed off in the morning, bring EXACTLY $124 DOLLARS!!!!

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